Chef Latrice Folkes Presents...

Vegan Soul Food Holiday Online Cook-Along Class

Do you want to learn how to make healthy vegan food that is soulful and delicious for the holidays? Are you tired of trying vegan recipes that don't taste good? Or eating all of the super processed fake meats from the store? Are you gluten free and struggle to find satisfying tasty foods for the holidays? Do you need someone to hold your hand through planning, shopping, and cooking for your vegan holiday meal?
Then this class is for you!

Get instant access to the guide, bonus Holiday Soul Raw Vegan book and recipe cards, and all videos, as soon as you sign up.

Learn Where To Shop

Don't know which stores to go to get what you need at the best prices, I'll take you on a quick shopping tour to stores that you can find almost anywhere. 

The Prep

Grab a glass of wine (or a green smoothie lol) we will prep together and party a little in the process, we might as well make this fun.

The Online Cook-Along Event

This is where the magic happens, we will gather our ingredients we shopped for, along with the items we prepped, add some love, and wallah we have a slammin' vegan soul food holiday meal.

The Menu

Unturkey Roast
Cornbread Dressing
Rice N' Downhome Gravy
Mac N' Cheese
Savory Greens
Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Potato Pie

Class is only $20 Sign up here

Class Details

​Recipes feed 4 to 6 people.

You will be provided with a shopping list, equipment list, prep list and recipes for the holiday meal.

All recipes will be gluten free.

There is a private Facebook Group for added support.

You also get my bonus digital copy of the Holiday Soul Raw Vegan Cookbook with recipe cards.

If you don't receive a welcome email with your download, check you spam folder, or promotions tab (gmail).  If you have any problems just shoot me an email.

You can contact me at support at wholeuschool dot com.

Latrice Folkes is a Chef, Author, Educator and Restaurateur with over 20 years of experience in plant based living. Her concentration is in whole plant based foods with an emphasis on raw vegan foods because of their restorative and regenerative properties.

She is the founder of Lifeit LLC, a company dedicated to assisting people in changing their diet into a lifeit. Latrice defines Lifeit as a wholistic lifestyle centered on life giving principles and activities, including eating whole fresh plant based and living foods.

Latrice has served many celebrity clients as well as received raving reviews from food critics and fans. She is known for “making healthy food taste good” by creating flavor filled recipes that reminds you of southern down home eating with a side of excellent health benefits.

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